There was a CLOWN in my Backyard!

The thing they found in their backyard was much scarier than a clown.

Pence to Kaine – You “whipped out that Mexican thing”

Not sure how everyone else feels but there is so much ridiculousness to this statement you can’t write more ridiculous comments. This has created a new online hashtag #ThatMexicanThing prompting hundreds of tweets on the remark.




Creepy Clown Sighting Caught On Video

Funniest moments from the first presidential debate

Who is More DEPLORABLE? Clinton or TRUMP?

Are All TRUMP SUPPORTERS Deplorable?

Clinton calls Trump supporters deplorable. Are All TRUMP SUPPORTERS Deplorable? Donald Trump to makes sexist, racist and other offensive rude comments ..does that all Trump supporters deplorable?

TRUMP’s Late Night TWITTER Rant

Improv Comedian Walt Frasier talks in depth in a Twitter discussion via Periscope with other voters about Trump’s late night Twitter rants.

M&M: Sometimes you prefer with nuts?


M&M: Sometimes you prefer with nuts?


M&M: Sometimes you prefer with nuts?



HBO subscriptions are down. The crack team of producers and executives needs to fix the problem fast. Will tedious things like characters and plot get in the way? Can George R. R. Martin and Game of Thrones Save the day? What about Leftovers, Ballers or Sesame Street? Or is it too late to save this sinking ship?


From the cast of LMAO
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Olivia Vessel- HBO CEO

Levi Penley – Michaels

Laurice Fattal – Michele

Joe Boccia – Peter, Martin Scorcese…

Written by Levi Penley and Walt Frasier
Directed by Walt Frasier @waltfrasier

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Cool Vibes – Film Noire
by Kevin MacLeod

by Edward Edgar
Arranged by Walt Frasier

Adapted and sung by Walt Frasier, Laurice Fattal


When making this video LMAO was somewhat inspired by the Dead Parrot Sketch form Monty Python. The writers and cast have beenon record that they basically went to the thesaurus to come up with ways to say “dead”. Here is what we found to mix up our mammary terms. Here is what we found on BUZZ FEED

1. Breasts.
2. Jugs.
3. Cans.
4. Knockers.
5. Bongos.
6. Bubbies.
7. Bumpers.
8. Blorps.
10. Tits.
11. Tatas.
12. “The Twins.”
13. Chesticles.
14. Chi chis.
15. Chebs.
16. Charlies.
17. Cha cha bingos.
18. Chubby chest cheeks.
19. Gazongas.
20. Kahunas.
21. Flabbergasters.
22. Titties.
23. Double lattes.
24. Golden Globes.
25. Jubblies.
26. Nunga nungas.
27. Pinch pots.
28. Headlamps.
29. Hindenburgs.
30. Honkerburgers.
31. Tittaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyysssssss-ah.
32. Lady bubbles.
33. Lilyhammers.
34. Lunchables.
35. Life ruiners.
36. Mankillers.
37. Smothers Brothers.
38. Sweater stretchers.
39. Shirt saboteurs.
40. Snuggle pups.
41. Maracas.
42. Marshmallows.
43. Meat-a-ball-as.
44. Melons.
45. Milk Duds.
46. Mudflaps.
47. Liberty bells.
48. Little Rascals.
49. Bouncy castles.
50. Baby Busters.
51. Diane Sawyers.
52. Danny Devitos.
53. Don Delillos*.
54. Phil and Lil.
55. Lucy and Ethel.
56. Tia and Tamera.
57. Bey and Jay.
58. Fred and Ginger.
59. Starsky and Hutch.
60. Funkmaster and Flex.
61. Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat.
62. The A Team (size specific).
63. The Dream Team (not size specific).
64. Floatsy and Flopsy.
65. Swanger and Banger.
66. Goose Down and Fiber Fill.
67. Squirmy and Squealer.
68. Ying Yang Twins.
69. ( . Y . )
70. Babushkas.
71. Baby buffets.
72. Barnyard boppers.
73. Rocket launchers.
74. Rattlers.
75. Traffic stoppers.
76. Twin Peaks.
77. Tater tots.
78. Terrordomes.
79. Chest butt.
80. Jingle bells.
81. Dinosaur eggs.
82. Party pillows.
83. Labradoodles.
84. Shoulder boulders.
85. Cleave-conspirators.
86. Built in stress balls.
87. The only reason some people should open their mouths.
88. Berries.
89. Peaches.
90. Patticakes.
91. Dumplings.
92. Honey hams.
93. Candy yams.
94. Nuggets.
95. Nibbles.
96. Fruits of independence.
97. Scones.
98. Samosas.
99. Enchildas con salsa roja.

Donald Trump Chris Christie Having Fun

Donald Trump Chris Christie Having Fun

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Chris Christie Having Fun

Lincoln wants nothing to do with this #GOP

LincolnLincoln wants nothing to do with this #GOP