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Snow Swimming Video

Two dudes in speedo’s decided to go swimming in the snow.

Funny Idiot Quote


Funny Doberhuahua Gif


Yanis Marshall “SPICE GIRLS” Dance Video

Yanis Marshall is a dancer, teacher and choreographer who has been taking Youtube by storm with his awesome viral dance videos. Check out his amazing “Spice Girls” video.

Dog Protects Baby From Blow Dryer Video

This adorable dog doesn’t seem to like the blow dryer very much and feels the need to protect the baby from it’s wrath. It’s very sweet and cute.

THE LEGO MOVIE – “Bloopers” Clip

Hilarious. The bloopers are out takes from the voiceover  sesstions actors and they made the animations to go along with the voices.

Funny But True News Story

Is that a hashbrown in your pocked or are you happy to see me?

It’s kind of an old story but it’s still hilarious:


This is our reaction:

and this




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Hockey – Canada Rules


Well.. the Olympics are officially over and it would appear that American hockey fans are some soar losers. When the USA team was defeated by Canada on Friday, the term “F**k Canada” started trending on twitter.  USA – You mad bro? Perhaps it’s because the USA must now keep Beiber…understandable.