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THE LEGO MOVIE – “Bloopers” Clip

Hilarious. The bloopers are out takes from the voiceover  sesstions actors and they made the animations to go along with the voices.

Batman Paper Gif


Newsflash – “Trolls are Jerks”

OMG! New studies are reporting that internet trolls are jerks in real life! Can you believe it? Did we really need a scientific research study to confirm this?  Like we didn’t already know that the person who left a nasty comment online calling you a c**t for no reason is actually a nasty person in real life too… Seriously? No WAY! They posted a chart that shows many of the trolls are actually narcissistic sadists. That sounds about right.

E.E. Buckels et al, "Trolls just want to have fun," Personality



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Alien Coke Machine

tumblr_me9ldzw3VL1qzhnmco1_500It’s out of this world BOOM

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I’m Not a Nerd Quote


Walter White’s “Facebook Movie”

Last week everyone made their own facebook movie generated from various photos and posts on their timelines. Well it just so happens that one was made for Walter White… Breaking Bad Fans.. this is a must watch.