Pence to Kaine – You “whipped out that Mexican thing”

Not sure how everyone else feels but there is so much ridiculousness to this statement you can’t write more ridiculous comments. This has created a new online hashtag #ThatMexicanThing prompting hundreds of tweets on the remark.




Funniest moments from the first presidential debate

Who is More DEPLORABLE? Clinton or TRUMP?

Are All TRUMP SUPPORTERS Deplorable?

Clinton calls Trump supporters deplorable. Are All TRUMP SUPPORTERS Deplorable? Donald Trump to makes sexist, racist and other offensive rude comments ..does that all Trump supporters deplorable?

TRUMP’s Late Night TWITTER Rant

Improv Comedian Walt Frasier talks in depth in a Twitter discussion via Periscope with other voters about Trump’s late night Twitter rants.

Lincoln wants nothing to do with this #GOP

LincolnLincoln wants nothing to do with this #GOP

Cuban Missle Crisis meets Donald Trump #GOP

cuban missle crisis

Valentines Day Gift Map of the United States

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Gift Map of the United States

Valentines Day is here!!!

What are you getting your special loved one this weekend?

Valentines Day

In NYC This Weekend?
Catch LMAO Valentine’s Day Show
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ALABAMA: Lord Byron (poetry).
– Not Donald Trump Rallies?Valentines Day

ALASKA: flower delivery.
– Sorry Sarah Palin, no Caribou.

ARIZONA: cubic zirconia rings, Jacquie Lawson cards.
– Nothing but the BEST fake shit on Valentines Day for John McCain’s home state.

ARKANSAS: romance novels, Zale’s jewelry.
Bill Clinton has a lasting Impression.

CALIFORNIA: gold, cubic zirconia jewelry, couples pajamas, heart-shaped sunglasses, bondage kit.
Guessing the dense population of Hollywood got that later on the list.

COLORADO: platinum rings, fondue, dance lessons, couples yoga, aphrodisiac foods.
– aphrodisiac foods now includes POT BROWNIES?

CONNECTICUT: Edible Arrangements, smoking jacket.
HA HA Cause EA is from CT, but those Fuckers in Bridgeport thought they were getting Edible Panties.

DELAWARE: gift card.
for a state w/o taxes, I would expect better. 

FLORIDA: Pandora jewelry, Barry White songs.
Of course on the Pan Handle, Sister just wants the company.

GEORGIA: satin pajamas, couples outfits.
Satin and BBQ go well together.

HAWAII: flower, platinum, pearls, pearl jewelry, Tahitian pearls, romantic comedy (movie genre), couples massage, tandem kayak.
– Don Ho records finally out of fashion?

Shop Sex Toys

Idaho likes Adam & Eve’s finest?

IDAHO: Adam & Eve (the online store, not the Adam & Eve from the Bible).
– But for most they just use a big potato

ILLINOIS: chocolate fondue.
– Can’t mock that. I’m down!

INDIANA: romantic gifts, romantic getaway, couples vacation, mood music.
– Mood Music liek “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” to get the fuck out of IN.

IOWA: tandem bicycle.
– ANYTHING BUT CORN!!! In Des Moines the Tandem Unicycle is most popular.

KANSAS: Helzberg Diamonds, Valentine’s recipes.
– Just don’t put diamond in Valentines Day recipe and then forget to tell her and she eats it and you have to wait till… you get the picture

KENTUCKY: couples tattoos, 50 Shades of Grey (novel), 50 Shades of Grey (film), songs to ____ to, roses, porn for couples.

LOUISIANA: jewelry, men’s jewelry (tie w/ Oklahoma), pearl earrings, adult sex toys, oysters, silk sheets, cheesecake.
– And of course lots of Mardi Gras Beads.

MAINE: lobster, lobster recipe, Maidenform, Robert Burns (poetry).
– SERIOUSLY? You can have Lobster any day in Maine!

MARYLAND: ProFlowers (company), couples activities, Valentine’s Day dinner, Sade (band), Sears portraits.
– My home state never settles for amateur flowers.

MASSACHUSETTS: couples cooking class

MICHIGAN: ballroom dancing lessons.
– or just more bottles of water if you are in Flint.

MINNESOTA: silk boxers.
– Almost died in Minnesota. NOTHING there I would want to see in SILK BOXERS.

MISSISSIPPI: pearl necklace, cheap jewelry, cheap lingerie, men’s cologne, mixtape.
– PEARL NECKLACE is Sister’s Fave?

MISSOURI: Hallmark cards, couples resort, vejazzling.
– ONLY IN BIG MO! Bedazzling the Vajayjay sounds painful for the guy, right?

MONTANA: silver, lobster tails.
– See, Maine, in Montana a little red tail is special.

NEBRASKA: Helzberg jewelry.

NEVADA: Frederick’s of Hollywood, corset, Boyz II Men, adult onesie, sexy costume.
– What ever looks great at the casino bar at 8am drinks and breakfast and video poker.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: stuffed animal.
– BONUS points for stuffing your own road kill. GUESS WHAT’s FOR DINNER?

NEW JERSEY: long-stem roses, box of chocolate, chocolate gift, romantic movies, gift basket, wine gift basket.
– Anything to make the place NOT smell like Jersey! (Or drink to point of not caring)

NEW MEXICO: hickey.
– Ah only 13 year olds celebrate in NM.

NEW YORK: 1-800-FLOWERS, earrings, chocolate baskets, Harlequin books, wine delivery, couples spa package, Victoria’s Secret, champagne, silk pajamas, candygram, romantic motel, perfume, romantic restaurants, mink coat.
– It’s two states. Upstate and NYC. Which do you think each matches?

NORTH CAROLINA: sterling silver jewelry.
– Strangely short list considering the diversity of NC. Raleigh and the Mountains on the Same Page. 

NORTH DAKOTA: gifts for him.
– North Dakota Men are just not the giving types.

OHIO: Pandora bracelet, romantic getaways.
– Some love danish jewelry. Some just give a danish.

OKLAHOMA:  boudoir photography, boudoir photos.
– AKA Nude Selfies?

OREGON: poetry, romance novel, romance movies.
– AH! Just want to hug trees and my lover!

PENNSYLVANIA: edible underwear, Hershey’s Kisses.
– Combine the two and we have a real party!

RHODE ISLAND: Pandora charms, charm bracelet.
– FYI Charming = Small if you ever are apartment shopping.

SOUTH CAROLINA: matching outfits, how to be romantic.
– HOW TO BE ROMANTIC? Don’t wear matching outfits unless it’s Halloween! (Gay Men in Tuxes excluded from this mockery)

SOUTH DAKOTA: Romeo and Juliet, JCPenney portraits.
– “Hey  honey, it’s the most romantic story EVER” She says as she hands you the dagger and open vial from around her neck…

TENNESSEE: cheap sex toys.
– you know that ones that just rip your vajayjay to shreads!

TEXAS: discount sex toys, plus-size lingerie.
– Cause – do I have to say it – OK Everything’s bigger in Texas. BUT AGAIN we should all avoid some things when they are on discount.

UTAH: couples games.
– Also Triple, Quadruple etc Games.

Kama Sutra

Well HELLO Virginia!

VERMONT: chocolate, romantic movies.

VIRGINIA: Kama Sutra.
– Cause they are so repressed the rest of the year!

WASHINGTON: bear skin rug.
– AND Sheepskin Condoms? Wait that would be more… 

WEST VIRGINIA: handcuffs.
– not for sex, but for when your brother gets too rough/drunk.

WISCONSIN: teddy bear, fur coat.
– BOTH Made from real bears

WYOMING:  mail-order bride
– Hey honey, I got you something…

Bernie Sanders to bring back Glass Sméagol

Bernie Sanders wants to bring back Glass Sméagol.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders wants to bring back Glass Sméagol. Absent Minded Comedy original Meme

by Walt Frasier

This is making light of a fairly serious subject. One of Bernie’s big ideas is taking on Wall Street head on like no other candidate. But seriously, is there ever a need to make excuses to post pictures of our favorite character from Lord of the rings. Read more about Bernie Sanders and his view on Glass Steagall

5 Reasons Glass-Steagall Matters


The Glass-Steagall Act came up as a major point of disagreement between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate. The Act, which was originally enacted in 1933, separated risky trading and investment from traditional banking activities like business lending and consumer finance.

1933. “Anthony Adverse” and “Magnificent Obsession” were topping the bestseller lists. “King Kong” and the Marx Brothers were big at the box office. What does a law passed back then have to do with the 21st century economy?

As it turns out, a lot.

Bernie Sanders wants to implement a new version of the Act, which was repealed in 1999 after having been in effect for more than 75 years. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is not calling for its reinstatement.

Sen. Sanders is right. Here are five reasons why it is important to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act.

  • 1. Too-big-to-fail banks are bigger, riskier, and more ungovernable than ever
  • 2. The argument that Glass-Steagall didn’t cause the 2008 financial crisis is wrong.
  • 3. Repeal of the Act has not worked as promised.
  • 4. The repeal of Glass-Steagall is further corrupting the culture of banking – if such a thing is possible.
  • 5. Too-big-to-fail banks are a threat to our democracy.


GOP Debate revelations about Donald Trump

GOP Debate

At GOP Debate tonight…. As Ayla Brown, daughter of Scoot Brown (former MA Senator) sings Star-Spangled Banner, Donald Trump seems to be checking up skirt view via reflective stage in Las Vegas Nevada.

GOP debate


Seconds later, Trump, Carson and Cruz write in their final Jeopardy Questions

GOP Debate

Later, we could not tell when Ben Carson was speaking or hosting moment of silence

GOP debate


Not to be outdone, Trump reveals true self…


Chris Christie loves to break fourth wall. (paraphrased) Let me talk to the American People at home for a second…


Then Carson first to complain about not getting to talk, with utter rage … While still asleep?



Rubio actually seems to sound sound. A true stand alone among a field of whackos. I was hoping to post much more about the debate… but Carson put me t….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Sitting through another GOP Debate sounds painful, I know. But maybe we can make it fun. I have an entire wine rack and a 6-pack of beer. In a perfect world I will pass out after 1st 30-minutes.

DRINK when you hear…

“Radical Islamic Terrorist”
“It’s Obama’s Fault”
“Self Deportation”
“Hillary” and / or “Clinton”

CHUG when you hear

“I deserve more time. I would like to comment” or other whining / fighting over time…


  1. When Trump calls someone “Loser” Stupid” etc …. Stand-up and yell “You’re Fired”
  2. When anyone says “Donald Trump is right” open your window door and yell to the world  – We’re all screwed!

Get your booze ready. Empty you bladders. And get ready to play!!!

FUNNY VIDEO form four months ago.



John Kasich of Ohio rounds out the pack to 16 officially in the race. Drama Galore everywhere with Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Ben Carsen, Rand Paul, Mike Hucklebee, Bobby Jindal, oh and Jeb Bush…

GOP Debate




CLASSIC: Interview with Subtitles English Translation Taliban – Parody Video by Skithouse


Australian Sketch Comedy Show




Skithouse (styled skitHOUSE) was an Australian sketch comedy television series that ran on Network Ten from 9 February 2003 to 28 July 2004. The series was produced by Roving Enterprises. It featured many well-known Australian comedians, including comedy-band Tripod. Reruns can now be seen on The Comedy Channel on Foxtel. In the UK, it is shown on the channel Paramount Comedy 2 and Trouble. The title name itself is a pun on the colloquial word: “shithouse”.

The series only ran for two seasons, before being cancelled due to a combination of dwindling ratings and the withdrawal of the cable network Foxtel as co-financier of the program’s production.



Skithouse was produced by Roving Enterprises, a production company formed by Rove McManus. Two key performers were Rove’s Rove Live co-hosts Peter Helliar and Corinne Grant. The show also featured Cal Wilson, Scott Brennan, Fiona Harris, Damian Callinan, Roz Hammond, Michael Chamberlin, Ingrid Bloom, Tom Gleeson, Jason Geary andBen Anderson. Members of the comedic band Tripod also featured, not just as the band but in the actual skits as well.Tripod are Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall) and Gatesy (Steven Gates)

The director was Full Frontal alumnus, Daina Reid.

Since the cancellation of the series, a number of the stars have moved on to other areas in the comedy industry. Scott Brennan and Fiona Harris starred in Comedy Inc. (before the shows end) as well as Damian Callinan and Cal Wilson staying on Network Ten on The Wedge with Roz Hammond and Ben Anderson as part of the ensemblé cast on Thank God You’re Here.

The show


The show consisted of numerous comedic skits. The half hour shows themselves often seemed to have themes (or at least they repeated the use of sets, costumes, characters and props). Its comedic styling was reminiscent of many classic Australian sketch comedies, like Full Frontal and Fast Forward, sharing common elements such as self-deprecating humour, low-cost props and effects.

Notable characters and sketches[edit]

Many characters recurred throughout the series, often appearing several times in a single episode, creating a semi-coherent storyline. Some more notable recurring characters and/or scenarios are listed below.

The Australian Fast Bowler (Gleeson)

A cricket fast bowler, loosely resembling Dennis Lillee, who uses his bowling skills to help people or defend against evil, superhero style – indeed, he has his own sidekick and nemesis (Callinan as The English Batsman). For instance, a choking man would be helped with a ball thrown at his back. The Australian Fast Bowler has been shown as a 12-year-old boy, the Schoolyard Fast Bowler; one episode also featured the Australian Lawn Bowler, seemingly the Australian Fast Bowler many years later (a references to the common perception of lawn bowling as an “old people’s sport”). Another episode also featured the Australian Spin Bowler and another featured the Australian One Day Fast Bowler (Who was quite hopeless to say the least.)

Bubble Wrap Man (Yon)

Bubble Wrap Man is a send up of traditional superheroes. His outfit consisted of a standard red superhero outfit, complete with underwear on the outside, and a Bubble Wrap cape. Bubble Wrap Man would appear in stressful situations for other unnamed characters, and say to them, “Pop the Bubbles on My Cape!.” This draws on the theory that popping the bubbles on standard Bubble Wrap will relieve stress. Once the situation is resolved Bubble Wrap Man then leaves the scene, leaving his calling card, a small piece of Bubble Wrap.

The “I’ll snap ya” guy (Callinan)

A parody of an Australian ‘bogan‘ who continually narrates sketches in which he speaks of various people he has punched (or ‘snapped’). One episode saw “I’ll snap ya” guy being assaulted by Russell Crowe, a reference to the actor’s numerous altercations.

Redheads (Gleeson, Wilson, Hammond, Yon)

Stereotyped white red-haired people who have an extreme fear of sunlight. They seem incapable of natural speech, communicating in squeaks.

Batman (Callinan)

A depressed, alcoholic version of Batman. His Batmobile is a wreck, he has no work, and seems romantically attracted to Robin (Chamberlin). He is perpetually at odds with the more dynamic Captain Terrific (Helliar), who is now Robin’s partner.

The “I love beer” guy (Helliar)

A man who, despite professing to everyone how much he loves beer, quite obviously can’t stomach the drink. Onlookers try to convince him that it is “okay” not to drink beer, but he refuses to acknowledge his dislike. This is a mockery of the common stereotype of the beer-drinking Australian male.

The ticket lady (Harris)

A perpetually cheerful parking inspector who is oblivious to how much she is hated by the general public; she often speaks highly of people while being pelted with rocks, eggs, and other heavy objects. Usually ends a sketch after having something thrown at her, by exclaiming “I love this job!”

Glenn Bush (Brennan)

An awkward, annoying schoolboy in his teens, with many pimples and a squeaky voice. Glenn is mostly portrayed at School Camp Video Diaries, or doing a school biology assignment with his “friend” (Chamberlin), who cannot get rid of him.

Tripod as “themselves”

The 3 friends engaged in various strange or geeky activities, including playing Dungeons and Dragons, and teaching Yon how to dance.

“Nothing suss!” (Gleeson, Brennan)

Two men attempt to sell odd products (normally partner exercise equipment) in the medium of an infomercial for their mail order service. The two frequently use the exercise equipment to demonstrate and end up in sexually suggestive positions, while maintaining all the while that there is “Nothing suss” about what they are doing.

The credits of each show are accompanied by a song by Tripod. While sometimes new material is used, it is sometimes a song previously featured in their “Song In An Hour” challenge with Triple J.