Santa has lost Rudolf and the other Reindeer in the Bronx

Santa has lost Rudolf and the other Reindeer

Arthur Avenue Little Italy, Bronx NY


NYC Santa on Arthur Avenue, Bronx NY Little Italy delivering cheer to all the boys and girls of all ages, and eating some pasta and pastries, lots of cheese…

Cute Dog Meme


Cute Dog Flipping in the Snow


Doggie Warning System

Every Wednesday at noon the emergency warning system gets tested. Also, this happens …

I don’t know about you guys but it doesn’t sound these people need an emergency warning system because the dog is probably enough to make some serious noise and dogs are pretty good about warning. He should be the official sound for the Emergency Broadcast System. It’s really really really loud btw. It’s also funny but I feel for the dog. Reminds me of how dogs howl along when the fire trucks go by.