There was a CLOWN in my Backyard!

The thing they found in their backyard was much scarier than a clown.

Creepy Clown Sighting Caught On Video

Clowns Becoming Extinct – Good Clown/Bad Clown


According the “clown experts” (we didn’t know there was such a thing), clowns are going out of style. The Daily News is reporting that a national clown shortage is approaching. Apparently clowning isn’t cool anymore. Well, we think some clowns will always be cool while others will horrify us in our worst nightmares forever.



Here are some good clown/bad clown comparisons. 

Good Clown: Slava
If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Slavas Snow Show, then you are missing out. Whether you like clowns or not, Slava will win you over with his outstanding mime work and heartfelt expressions.








Bad Clown: John Wayne Gacey
Mass Murderer and rapist convicted in the the murders of 33 teenage boys and young men in a series of killings between 1972 and 1978. He was executed for his crimes in 1994. He was a clown at kids parties in his spare time.


Good Clown:
Red Skelton “Freddie The Freeloader” – Though you could argue that Skelton was so much more than a clown,  his lovable character “Freddie the Freeloader” made his clown someone  that could always put a smile on your face. 


Bad Clown: The Joker
Whether you are a fan of DC comic books or simply enjoy the modern Batman movies, it’s apparent that  “The Joker” is nothing to joke about. 

Good Clown:
Bozo The Clown – Originally hitting major popularity in the 40’s,  “The Bozo Show” became one of the most successful children’s programs on television of it’s time.
Bad Clown: Pennywise:
The terrifying villain from Stephen Kings “It”, is no doubt one of scariest characters s to amplify our fear clowns. 


Good Clown:
Buster Keaton. This vaudevillian clown was known for his impeccable physical comedy and deadpan expressions. His silent films made the actor/producer/director one of the best entertainers in the history of the art form.

Bad Clown: Pagliacci
In Leoncavallo’s famous
opera Pagliacci ends up murdering his adulterous wife and her lover on on stage declaring “The comedy is over”. The opera’s story was later mocked by a psychotic character on Seinfeld.