Viral – “Happy” by These School Kids Will Make You Very Happy

The cuteness here is almost too cute for cute. These adorable school kids performing Pharrell’s “Happy” will put you in a great mood!

Scary Costa Rica Crocodile Video

This guy has some serious balls. He lures out a crocodile of of the water with a fish and then drops the fish. The croc doesn’t seem to be able to find it so he fetches it for him and the croc gobbles it up. It’s very surprising that the croc doesn’t seem interested in him at all. Only the fish. Then he puts another fish in his mouth and feed it to the Croc. That’s Balls.


Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: “Test Drive”

This video has gone viral this week… what’s next. Is this real? What’s up with this video. I don’t know.